Living life like a
revolution. Treat
everyone the same
Model Song


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Gotham Festival O2 Islington Academy London

Ignore The Warning Sign
Go Straight Through Feeling Fine

About Us

After bursting into life in 2006 and taking the industrial pop world by storm, the last year has been a quiet one for London’s Maleficent. Having spent a decade raising hell, it was time for the band to retreat and collect themselves.

“2016 has been a very productive year for me and I've learned a lot about life, music, and success,” says vocalist Maleficent Martini. But some of those lessons weren’t easy. “I had a major problem on my vocal cords that stopped me from gigging and recording for over a year.”

None of this, however, is enough to stop Maleficent.Reinvigorated from their break, with vocal cords healed and a mountain of new material ready to go, the band are set to return and make the most of 2018 and beyond.

With the background in Ballet that brought her to London from Rome in the first place, Martini has seen the band’s situation mirrored in that art-form. “Like Odette in Swan Lake, I felt trapped in a magic spell where I couldn’t fly.” But, as in that famous tale, the payoff will be worth all the strife. “I'll be able to fly again and I'm making Maleficent stronger than ever, even if it means having to wait another year or two.”

New single, ‘You Won’t Break Me’ is only the beginning of that. The recording of a second album – set for release by Skyride Records – is complete and the band are set to hit the road once more with a high-concept live show-based around elements of bondage and gymnastics (“live art,” as Martini accurately puts it) that has to be seen to be believed.

The band, centred around the duo of Martini and co-vocalist Mortimer Cain, have added new recruits to the ranks. The immensely talented Ory Angel has taken up guitar duties while the power of Belle Star behind the drums will drive the band onward. Add to this that they’ve been recording with Chris McCormack , Ralph Jezzard, James Bell and Steve Honest and the picture becomes unmistakably clear:  

When the Maleficent juggernaut begins to roll once more, you’re going to want to be on board.

Maleficent are:
Maleficent Martini (Simona Martini) - Vocals
Mortimer Cain (Jason Murray) - Vocals
Ory Angel - Guitars
Belle Star - Drums
Dr Sickx (of Sicktronic) / various - Bass  

In Time We All Will
Rise Through
from The Other Side


why rescue me
while i'm sinking
in fear

I don't wanna
be anybody else
model song

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I'll never
be the


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